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Fema 101 Form: What You Should Know

The CPG's core content is a detailed plan for planning operations. The CPG guide will help agencies plan and execute an emergency operation by providing specific and timely guidance for a wide range of preparedness activities. The primary purpose of the CPG is to give a framework for planning to build capabilities in support of the goals and objectives and to develop a comprehensive understanding of planning needs that must be met. In developing the CPG, federal agencies have addressed the following concerns about the CPG: The importance of the specific items and functions in the CPG as compared with the broad purpose.  The necessity and appropriate uses of the specific items and functions in the CPG as compared with the broad purpose. The need for appropriate interagency input. Agency objectives. The need for a minimum of three levels of planning for the event and for operations. Recommendations for changes to the CPG. The need for interagency coordination of activities involved with a plan-related element of an event or operation. The need to include a specific and accurate inventory of the number of persons, vehicles, and other items needed and the types involved that are required to execute the plan and to plan for its performance. All the above issues are discussed in this course. Course content: Emergency Operations Plan (TOP) and Planning Process The TOP is the organizational element of an emergency plan and a planning process that supports the organization's goals and objectives in meeting the demands of an emergency. It establishes organizational structures and processes for establishing the response and recovery functions of the agency. It will include the objectives and goals of the response and recovery functions. Furthermore, it will include a description of the activities involved for achieving those objectives.  C: Preparedness Planning The course will provide students with: The purpose of planning and why planning is so critical. Explanations of the different elements included in the planning process. How to create a clear, sequential process for establishing the organization's emergency operation plan. The process for creating and maintaining emergency operations plans that must meet the requirements of FEMA. The procedures for the planning and planning documentation process to ensure accurate and complete records. How to conduct the planning process. The importance of emergency operation procedures. Training materials related to the principles of emergency operation planning that will ensure employees and decision makers are adequately informed about how to respond to and recover from hazards or emergencies.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fema 101

Instructions and Help about Fema 101

Damage to homes and businesses across our state, and now Oklahoma, is getting some help with the recovery process. Brad Crane and Michael and Newton with FEMA, the State Department Emergency Management, are here to help us understand how Oklahomans can get their hands on that help and get back on their feet. We appreciate you both for being here, especially at this time. Let's start with what kind of disaster rating do we have right now, Michael? We have a presidential disaster declaration in place for seven counties across the state. However, we're reminding Oklahomans that we're asking anyone who has had damage from the tornadoes or other severe weather that occurred from May 10th through the 13th to go ahead and call FEMA at the 1-800 number or go online at disasterassistance.gov and make an application. And, Mr. Crane, if you would, if people aren't 100% certain, tell us what counties are qualifying right now. That's important information. Well, we do. We have seven counties qualifying - Carter, Cleveland, McIntosh, Oklahoma, Okmulgee, Potawatomi, and Seminole. And what kind of help can they get? It varies for each person. They'll need to go ahead and call and make an application, and we'll see what they qualify for. Remember, your homeowner's insurance always comes first. But if you've had to stay in a motel all these days because your house was uninhabitable, there may be assistance for you, reimbursement for you. Maybe you have repairs to your home that need to be made again. There may be reimbursement for you. And what do they need to do to be able to take advantage of that, Mr. Crane? Well, once again, from 6 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week, they can call us at 1-800-621-FEMA. They'll want their social security number, primary wage earner in the...