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Planning section chief job aid Form: What You Should Know

The Planning Section Director (PSD) will be the leader of the planning section, which is responsible for coordinating and directing the activities of the various planning units of the incident command system. The PSD is responsible for making the incident management plan, and directing the activities of the planning unit during an incident. A Planning Section Deputy (PSD-D) will be the Assistant Division Chief (ADC) for Planning. This job aid should be used to assist planning section staff in the preparation and presentation of briefing documents and task plans, and in the preparation and display of incident management plan components. This training plan will be used to train management, command and operations staff on the operation of the planning section and to develop a plan for implementation. The training is designed to cover, or should be capable of being adapted to cover: — Information requirements and objectives for a section (including an incident management plan). — How to coordinate the operations of a section, including emergency planning and the activities of the operations or support component of the section. — Communication of tactical events. — Management of the plan, incident command system and operations and support components of the section. — Coordination of the preparation and presentation of incident management plan components. Incident command system and support component of the planning section [PDF] This job aid should be used when a staff member who is not a Planning Section Chief becomes aware of an incident that will require a Planning Section Chief and where the section (or Planning Section of the division) may be asked to be involved. This information should be forwarded to the Incident Information Team (IT), which is responsible for making the decision to delegate the planning section or the Planning Section of the division to the incident command system, and for the preparation and presentation of the incident management plan. If the incident command system is not capable of handling the incident management plan, the Planning Section Chief will establish a new incident management plan or prepare one based on his or her knowledge of the incident. This job aid will be used to assist the planning section by providing additional information and supporting information on how the Planning Section Chief can assist the Planning Deputy. This training plan is designed for the Department of the Army, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Energy.  The Department of the Navy is not currently participating in this training and is not required to be trained.

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Instructions and Help about Planning section chief job aid

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