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Ics 400 Form: What You Should Know

If your information is correct, or you are not a merchant mariner or a U.S. citizen, submit the following steps. The MMC examiner will provide a sworn statement from you. 4.a. You will be required to sign an oath that the information provided is true and correct. Your oath must identify the person who filed the application (if your application was filed onshore) or who verified the information after you provided it to the examiner. A. Applicant Name and Employer Information (required) You must specify the name and employer of the Applicant as presented on the application. B. Applicant Address (required) You must specify your mailing address. C. Merchant Mariner Classification (required) (optional) You must enter the Merchant Mariner Classification. This can be in a three-digit combination, a letter and number, or a short description, such as “Divers.” (Note: if you are submitting this application to an Applicant Manager, you can enter Merchant Mariner Credential by itself, without providing any information about the classification. You can refer to the information provided by the Applicant Manager in order to complete the form.) D. Date of Birth (required) (optional) Date of Birth. You must enter the date of birth of the Applicant. E. Citizenship and Passport Information (required) (optional) Citizenship and Passport Information. You must enter information regarding your Citizenship/Nationality or Visa Status in the US and the nationality of the Applicant. F. Applicant Age (required) (optional) Age at Time of Application. The Applicant does not have to complete the section requiring Applicant Age to determine eligibility for a Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC). However, if the Applicant has not reached the age specified on the application, all information required for age should be included in the statement provided on the application. 7. Application Review: Once an application is submitted to an Examiner, it may be reviewed by the Examiner to ensure the information is accurate. If the information provided is not correct, the Examiner will contact the Applicant. A. If we have questions on the applicant's identity or eligibility for a Merchant Mariner Credential, we will contact the Applicant. B. If it appears the Applicant is filing a fraudulently obtained or forged application, he/she is ineligible for an MMC, which will result in the denial of the application. C.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ics 400

Instructions and Help about Ics 400

What you see here is the incident command system's basic organization. It is made up of two distinct parts. The upper part, all in white, is called the command staff. The lower sections, in colors such as red, blue, orange-ish yellow, and green, are called the general staff. - The incident commander is the person in charge of the overall incident. The rest of the team is there to help manage the incident. The command staff reports directly to the incident commander or a deputy incident commander. - The Safety Officer is responsible for the overall safety of the incident. The Public Information Officer is responsible for the development and release of incident information to the public through various forms of mass media. The Legal Officer is legal counsel used as consultants for the response or any other legal issues that may arise. The Liaison Officer acts as a liaison between governmental and non-governmental organizations involved in the incident. - In the general staff, the Operations Section is responsible for conducting overall tactical operations. The Planning Section is responsible for developing current, strategic, and tactical plans. The Logistics Section is responsible for supplies, services, ordering, procurement, and contracting. The Finance Section pays for everything that logistics orders and operations requests. - This is the overall organizational chart. It can shrink or expand as needed. Not all sections, units, groups, or branches have to be filled or can be created. - An example of how the operations section can expand further is shown. The Source Control Branch is located below the operations section in the red section. Under the Source Control Branch, there is further expansion. - The top position in the Source Control Branch is the Source Control Branch Director, represented on the ICS form. Under the Source Control Branch Director, there are various groups organized...